October 3rd, 2021

A World of Bread

John 6: 33 “For the bread of God is that which comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.”

Pita, Naan, Roti, Focaccia, and Chapati are all flatbreads from different places in the world. For centuries, bread has been a staple food for many people from a variety of cultures. It is no wonder that in the Bible, Jesus used the image of bread to help people understand his true identity as God’s Son. Jesus said, “I am the bread of life.” He went on to say that the bread he offered would fill and satisfy people more than any kind of bread one could eat.

Being filled with the bread of life means we fill our lives with Jesus. From Jesus we receive the nourishment and energy to live in the peace, hope, and grace that connects us with God and connects us with one another. On World Communion Sunday each year, churches across the globe gather (safely) around the Lord’s Table to remember and give thanks that Jesus is the bread of life who continues to fill and satisfy our hunger. Thanks be to God.