Knox History

In 1860, religious services were held in Alliston by J. K. Hislop, a student sent out by the Knox College Student Missionary Society. This was the beginning of Presbyterianism in this community. The first services were held in John Bates’ Copper Shop.

In 1861 or 1862, the first church was built on Victoria Street, West on one and a half acres of land. A cemetery was at the rear and west side. This building became known as the “White Frame Church”. It was opened September 6, 1862. The first minister was J.K. Hislop.On the 28th of March, 1915, the last service was held in this building and demolition started Monday, October 4th, 1915. During the summer, a red brick church was built and opened October 3rd, 1915. Rev. M.F. Cree was the minister.In 1925, Knox was turned over to the United Church.

In 1927, another red brick church known as Chalmers, was built on Wellington Street, East by the continuing Presbyterians.

In 1951, the old Knox was re-purchased from the United Church by tenders and Chalmers was sold to the Pentecostal Church. Thus the first service to be held in Knox Victoria Street was a preparatory service Friday evening. October 5, 1951, with communion on Sunday, October 7, 1951.Saturday evening, January 16, 1976, disaster struck in the form of a fire, which completely destroyed Knox. The property was sold and a parcel of land purchased on King Street South on which to rebuild. The church in which we now worship, was dedicated by Barrie Presbytery on April 3, 1977. Our present site is in the centre of a developing area that grows year by year. The opportunity to serve our Lord Jesus Christ is here. Let us seize it with enthusiasm and energy.

This congregation is deeply rooted in history and tradition and yet you will find in our family of faith, great warmth and acceptance, an eagerness to be faithful to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, and a refreshing openness to new leadings.


Yours in Christ,


The Session and Minister of Knox Church, Alliston.