August 8th, 2021

Good morning,

With Rev. Tobey away for the next couple weeks we will be joining Living Faith in Baxter. Rev. Jonathan will start a 4 week sermon series this called “A Time Such as This.”

Sometimes we find ourselves in unique situations in life where we are compelled to act.
Esther found herself in such a situation.
She had to act quickly and decisively for the Lord.
Should we ever find ourselves in such situation may we too act faithfully for God.
The Good News is, God always provides the right people at the right time.
Jesus is the prime example of this.
Thanks be to God for His never-ending goodness and love.
Rev. Jonathan
Please note that instead of doing a prerecorded service Living Faiths in live streamed. Join us at 10:30am by clicking on the link below.
Samantha Kamminga
Secretary/Christian Education Coordinator