July 25th, 2021

Staying Power

John 15: 4 “Abide in me as I abide in you.”

As the delayed 2020 Olympics get under way as safely as possible, we’ll spend the next couple weeks admiring the staying power of the athletes. Staying power is the ability to keep doing something even when it is really difficult, and you just want to give up. Elite athletes learn, train, and compete in their various sports over years and years with a staying power that overcomes all kinds of obstacles. While most of us are not elite athletes, I think we can all relate to what it means to persevere in hard times. We’ve all needed a little extra staying power this past year and a half as we’ve adjusted to new routines during the pandemic. As things open up again, we’ll continue to need staying power to keep following guidelines that will keep us all safe.

In the Bible Jesus uses the word abide to describe the relationship God has with human beings, a relationship that has staying power. Abide means to continue, remain, or stay with someone or something. When we abide in God and God abides in us, we trust that God’s promises of love, grace, peace, and hope remain. We believe that there is nothing that will separate us from God. We believe that even if our faith may falter, God’s staying power is big enough and strong enough to overcome anything.

Please join our ONLINE only worship service where we will abide in God as God abides in us. We will also lift our hearts in prayer and continue to learn about the hymns we sing.