May 24th, 2020

Be a Praying Witness

Acts 1: 8 “ You will be my witnesses…to the end of the earth.”

A witness is someone who shares their knowledge of an event or a person. We rely on witnesses in our justice system, those who can accurately describe what they’ve seen or heard.

Jesus’ final instructions to the disciples was a call to be witnesses, to tell the world what they had seen and heard when they were with him. It is really amazing that after 2000 years, Christians continue to be witnesses to what they have seen and heard from Jesus. We witness to the way he welcomed the stranger, the way he forgave sinners, the way he ate with outcasts, the way he healed the sick, the way he taught us to pray, and the way he loved us enough to die for us.

As we continue to witness to the ends of the earth, be encouraged that Jesus is still present in our lives when we act in the same way he did. As we forgive, serve, and love, Jesus is seen and heard in our world. Thanks be to God.