May 10th, 2020

Finding our Way
In John 14: 6, Jesus said, “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.”

Last year, when travel was something we could do, my family and I went on a long distance walk along St. Cuthbert’s Way. We began in Melrose, Scotland and ended on Holy Island/Lindisfarne in England, a distance of 100kms. On our long walk, we always had to make sure we were going the right way. Thankfully, along the route, there were guideposts with arrows or symbols that told us were heading in
the right direction.

When Jesus said he was the Way, he was talking about himself being the way to God: if you follow Jesus, you will find God. Jesus is the guidepost that leads to the one who offers us new life, grace beyond measure, and undeserved love. In our lives, we are given many options and choices for finding our way, but not all if them are life-giving and sometimes we get lost. Following Jesus, as the Way to God, keeps us on a path in the right direction; a path where the values of forgiveness, inclusiveness, justice, and peace lead to life with God. With Jesus, finding our WAY is not that hard after all.