June 14th, 2020

God’s Promises and Faithfulness

Genesis 18: 14 “Is anything too wonderful for the Lord?”

In the Bible, the story of Abraham and Sarah took a humorous turn. When they were called to be God’s people, God said they would be the ancestors of a multitude of nations. And yet, they grew older and older and had no children. One day, some visitors, God’s messengers, came to visit. They told the elderly couple that Sarah would have a child. The news was so unexpected and unbelievable that Sarah laughed. She found it funny that in her very old age, the impossible would happened. So, the visitors asked: Is anything too wonderful for the Lord? The answer to that question is no; there is nothing too wonderful for the Lord. God promised Abraham and Sarah a child and they had a child when it seemed impossible. God’s fulfilled promise was pretty wonderful for them.

God makes promises to us as well. God promises us strength and provision. God promises us forgiveness and a chance to start over. God promises us unlimited grace. God promises us abundant and eternal life. God promises to be present with us now and forever. God’s promises are good news and so wonderful that we might find ourselves laughing too, not with disbelief, but with joy. Thanks be to God.

Please note:
I know we are all looking forward to being together for worship again, but Knox and St. Andrew’s Churches will continue to worship on-line for the foreseeable future despite the recent loosening of restrictions in the province. There are a number of considerations to take into account, including protecting our parishioners and staff and preparing our buildings to ensure all safety protocols are in place so that in-person worship is as risk free as possible. Our Session will be working on a plan over the next couple of months and will update you as soon as possible.